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About Me

I was born and raised in good ol' New Jersey. I won't bore you with the whole "I always loved to draw" spiel because almost all artists have that as their background BUT... I did like to draw as a kid. At my Elementary School graduation I was awarded a cash prize for being the "best artist" in my little suburbian school. I did not see any of that cash, my parents took it (and put it in my college fund I hope). When I was 16, I went onto illustrate a published children's book which I don't ever tell anyone about because I find my teenage-self's art terribly embarassing. But it's out there! In 2023, I was awarded with an Honorable Mention from the Women in Animation group. Anyway, I graduated the School of Visual Arts in 2024 with a BFA in Animation.


As per my buttons up there: I love doing Concept Art, Character Design, Background Design (and Paint!), Compositing, and Rough Animation.

I love to draw cats, deer, horses, all kind of equines and other four-footed animals really. Alongside nature scenes, messy rooms with lots of personality, mythological creatures like harpies and centaurs, regular boring humans, and probably more things than I could list here.


In my personal life, I love to write and journal. I am terrible at spelling words correctly. I also love fighting game serieses like Guilty Gear (and all of their long titles) and Darkstalkers. My favorite movie is Jim Henson's 1986 masterpiece Labyrinth. I'm one of the only fans of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. I also frequently talk openly about my struggle with mental health issues and advocate for better equity and more awareness regarding mental health. I like going for long walks and... I'll stop here because this is starting to sound more like a dating profile than an about me on a portfolio website.


Technical Skills


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, Excel, Toonboom Harmony, Clip Studio Paint.


Storyboard Pro, Adobe Premiere.

Still Learning

Adobe Illustrator, Canva, HTML.